Re: [OT] Need help in identifying a comet like object

From: Sankaranarayanan K V (
Date: Thu Feb 14 2013 - 14:30:17 UTC

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    Thank you, Ted. I compared the predicted positions based on the TLEs (*)
    with the pictures I had taken and I can confirm that the comet like object
    I saw is indeed the Ariane 5 rocket launched on Feb 7 2136 UTC.
    I have put a side by side picture comparison here:
    (*) My registration with Space-Track is still pending - so I took the TLEs
    from CalSKY.  CalSKY gave me only 3 TLEs though it named 4 objects. The
    mean motions were 2.274, 2.277, and 2.281 rev/d for A, B, and C
    respectively. The epochs were 13039.57, 13039.53, 13039.58 respectively. I
    think I couldn't get earlier epochs.
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