Re: Detailed video of Lacrosse 5 and disappearance trick

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Date: Wed Feb 15 2012 - 10:15:50 UTC

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    Way back in 2005 , just four days after L5 launched I recall imaging the 
    satellite and rocket body  before the orbit was lifted as both passed over 
    the UK.
    My webpage has long since gone , but I have recovered a couple of images 
    from an old hard drive as I recall seeing something similar to the oblong 
    shape at the time.
    The pics can be seen here..  on the Lacrosse 5 archive tab
    Obviously the quality of the images is no where near that of Thierry's but , 
    there is that similarity
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    >> The shape is quite strange, with a rectangular silhouette
    >> and an  outgrowth. Two other videos taken several weeks before,
    >> although in  different passage angle, show similar apparent rectangular
    >> shape.
    > Very curious. The obvious speculation would be that the mesh parabolic 
    > dish antenna of the first Lacrosses was replaced by a rectangular planar 
    > antenna on Lacrosse 5.  A planar and specularly reflective antenna might 
    > explain the disappearance trick -- modeling sun angles on the satellite 
    > for this pass might be informative.
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