Re: 1 week until the nice flashing sat get's launched

From: Skywise (
Date: Fri Feb 03 2012 - 17:55:22 UTC

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    djmullen wrote:
    > I wonder if you could hit it with a laser on a telescope?  Maybe one of
    > those 50 milliwatt green lasers?
    Please don't. There's already enough problems with idiots pointing
    them at aircraft. Any laser beams 'pointed up' require FAA clearance
    as well as permission from the local laser safety office of the FDA.
    (rules will differ outside the USA)
    Further, nearly all of those high powered (>5mw) 'hand held lasers'
    and 'pointers' violate various regulations and are thus 'illegal'.
    Many get confiscated at customs and purchasers are TSOL.
    (again, USA-centric)
    This is giving the laser hobby a bad reputation.
    In recognition of this being off-topic for the list, if anyone has
    questions or comments, let's please continue it in email.
    Anyway, laser ranging of satellites is routinely done, if I'm not
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