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Date: Mon Feb 28 2011 - 10:03:39 UTC

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    Op 27-2-2011 22:14, Ralf Vandebergh schreef:
    > Hi all,
    > Since I work on a new laptop I have pointed out that many of my telescopic sat images which were mainly processed on a different type screen from a desktop with different contrast properties, did not look great on the laptop screen, at least not as good as I had intended them.  It may sound insane, but I decided to reprocess many of the images on the site and post them again.
    Every UNCALIBRATED pc or laptop screen will show an image differently.
    Laptop and PC screens need to be calibrated (using a calibration devive, which 
    nowadays costs you roundabout 80 to 130), but hardly anyone does this unless 
    they dabble with photography a lot.
    A calibrated screen usually has a lower contrast setting, less colour saturation 
    and less blueish colours than an uncalibrated screen. Uncalibrated screens 
    unvariably are too blue.
    I have noted that a lot of amateurs active in astrophotography, up to using 
    sometimes quite sophisticated image processing techniques etc., amazingly enough 
    do not calibrate their screens. In that case, any image processing is basically 
    - Marco
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