NanoSail-D pass over Halifax

From: Michael Boschat (
Date: Sun Feb 27 2011 - 23:56:32 UTC

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    Hi all:
     Opppppsss... sorry..forgot to delete the image before sending the
     The NanoSail-D made a pass over Halifax tonight at an alt.of
    69 degrees at 2257 UT. I noted no flares.
     But it's path was about 20 degrees off from Heaven's Above plot, they
    had it passing through Gemini to Canis Minor, but I saw it passing near
    Alpha Orionis. We are to get a 72 deg  pass on the 2nd March.
    UT:  2257
    Place: Halifax,Nova Scotia,Canada
    Lat: N44d 39'
    Long: W63d36'
    Clear skies
    Michael Boschat
    Halifax Center- Royal Astronomical Society of Canada
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