R: Nanosail Flare Observed

From: satrack@libero.it
Date: Fri Feb 25 2011 - 20:31:36 UTC

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    correct time was 19.00.00 - 19.00.30 UTC (20.00 was local time)
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    >Da: satrack@libero.it
    >Data: 25-feb-2011 21.08
    >A: <seesat-l@satobs.org>
    >Ogg: Nanosail Flare Observed
    >Tonight I managed to see naked eye Nanosail flaring to magnitude +1 / +2.
    >The flare lasted about 30 seconds from 20.00.00 to 20.00.30 UTC.
    >I saw it coming through binoculars with stable brightness, maybe with slowly 
    >fluctuations. During the flare, however, I had the impression that the 
    >had two peaks rather than one separated by about 15 s.
    >The flare is compatible with the sail orientation computed yesterday (I 
    >within 30 degrees).
    >It would be helpful if someone else near my latitude (45.5) had successfully 
    >observed it 
    >(or failed to see it) during the same pass.
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