Nanosail Flare Observed

Date: Fri Feb 25 2011 - 20:08:56 UTC

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    Tonight I managed to see naked eye Nanosail flaring to magnitude +1 / +2.
    The flare lasted about 30 seconds from 20.00.00 to 20.00.30 UTC.
    I saw it coming through binoculars with stable brightness, maybe with slowly 
    fluctuations. During the flare, however, I had the impression that the 
    had two peaks rather than one separated by about 15 s.
    The flare is compatible with the sail orientation computed yesterday (I think 
    within 30 degrees).
    It would be helpful if someone else near my latitude (45.5) had successfully 
    observed it 
    (or failed to see it) during the same pass.
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