NOSS 3-3 Flare

Date: Fri Feb 25 2011 - 08:17:50 UTC

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    Yesterday (24 Feb) I managed to observe a faint flare from NOSS 3-3 by using 
    the model already employed
    two years ago to capture the flare in Madrid from the Noss pair 3-4 
    (video and details are available here: http://digilander.libero.
    Unfortunately I was quite far from the flare track so the brightness reached 
    only magnitude +3  or +2,
    when they were quite low on the horizon and just before entering shadow. 
    unexpectedly, only the leader (A) flared, while the companion (C) was already 
    invisible in my 20x50 binocular.
    This is the first time I see such a different behaviour.
    The maximum occurred at 18.58.30 UTC and lasted about half a minute.
    I have imported the model on the online program so it is possible to compute 
    predictions. I am quite sure
    that the centre is not very far from the predicted track. However, I suggest 
    to observe even from a few
    hundreds kilometres from the track.
    Page link:
    (Lat 45.49 N, Lon 8.56 E) 
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