R: Nanosail-D still visible

From: satrack@libero.it
Date: Mon Feb 21 2011 - 07:57:30 UTC

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    I am trying to analyze the sail orientation related to the new photos.
    I started with the photo dated 17/02/2011 19.20 UTC, but 
    there is something wrong:
    I am using TLE with epoch 11049.39523277 and the coordinates
    of Rautalampi (62.622°N 26.833°E), but the satellite should have 
    been  too far from the captured flare position.
    What am I doing wrong? 
    Here a screenshot showing the flare position and the predicted satellite
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    >Ogg: Nanosail-D still visible
    >  Vesa Vauhkonen from Rautalampi, Finland has succesfully observed 
    >Nanosail-D in
    >February. According to his observations, Nanosail-D was visible at 
    >magnitude +2...+4
    >on February 17 and February 19, 2011. I have added his photos to the 
    >image gallery at
    >Best regards,
    >Leo Wikholm
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