NOSS 3-2 Flare ALERT

Date: Thu Feb 17 2011 - 07:36:12 UTC

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    Yesterday (16/02/2011) in Moscow (55.852783 N, 37.518406 E) a bright flare 
    from NOSS 3-2 (A) / (C) has been observed between 03.27 and 
    03.28 UTC with a maximum  magnitude around -4. This flare seems 
    to be compatible with the geometry of others previous flares.
    (thanks Sergey for the report) 
    I think it should be possible now to issue predictions for the next
    few days. On my website I added a page where it is possible to
    track online this flare and to predict the visibility for your location.
    If you enter for the first time, the localization function may 
    not work, in that case please enter your coordinates directly 
    on the address, like this example:
    To predict the flares just click on the "Predict Flares" button.
    However, take into account that the time of the maximum can deviate
    a little from that reported: check the flare track (blue line) and
    change manually the time with the [S] / [SHIFT S] keys.
    Good luck!
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