Visual/Recorded Re-entry Event 2.16.2011 Miami, FL USA

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Date: Wed Feb 16 2011 - 11:55:03 UTC

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    Travelling to work this morning, I witnessed a bright orange/white object moving south west to south east at 35* altitude, shedding orange sparks similar to what I have seen in video of the Columbia disintegration, 2-1-2003. I pulled over to the side of the road and only had my cell phone with me. Cloud cover was abundant. My GPS unit on the car's navigation had me at 80* 27' 10" W, 25* 28' 00" N. This 2+ minute event began for me at 4:19 AM EST  (9:19 UT). The object continued moving south east, fairly slowly it seemed (this was not a streaking event that was over in seconds, similar to a meteorite re-entry). At the end of my observation/video recording, the object travelled downward in an obvious spiral, continuing to shed orange sparks until total extinguishing of the object/event.
    I assembled my video in a time-ordered .AVI sequence, but the poor video resolution of my cell phone does not do justice to the brilliant orange color and shedding events. The downward fall at the end is obvious.
    Perhaps someone can confirm if this was a re-entry, and possibly the identification of what I witnessed. This was my first observation of such a beautiful and dramatic event. My first thoughts, due to the slow speed of travel, was that I was witnessing an unfortunate airplane disaster.
    Thank you.
    Adam M. Stuart, M.D.
    Physician Offices of Florida City
    646 West Palm Drive
    Florida City, FL 33034
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