ATV-2 Launch scrubbed new date UTC 21:50:55H on February 16, 2011

From: Thomas Wehr (
Date: Wed Feb 16 2011 - 09:29:01 UTC

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    Arianespace is reporting that
    "Following a measurement anomaly in the liquid oxygen propellant tank of
    the cryogenic main stage for Flight 200’s Ariane 5 launcher, the final
    countdown was stopped.
    The launch vehicle and its payload of the Automated Transfer Vehicle
    “Johannes Kepler” remain in a safe mode, awaiting a restart of final
    countdown operations."
    The new launch attempt will be UTC 21:50:55H on February 16, 2011
    Videocoverage will be:
    There will be a special German commentary with additional informations on:
    German live commentary will start at 21:00H UTC, 22:00H CET
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