Accurate Time - A very important other issue..

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Date: Sun Feb 13 2011 - 18:16:55 UTC

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    There is another important issue about "accurate time" that is just as
    important here with satellites as it is with occultations..
    Do the best you can and use what you have, but strive to be accurate and to
    do what is possible to improve that accuracy, i.e. you might have to buy
    more equipment.. (Not a new concept in anything Astronomy..)
    One thing we (ok I) do not want to do is inadvertently talk someone out of
    observing. "I can't do that because I don't have the right equipment." Of
    course you can! What you can't do is observe with a stopwatch and binoculars
    and claim an accuracy of 0.01s, but you can acquire a bunch of points on any
    given pass accurate to +/- 0.3s.
    Observe with the equipment you have and do the best you can. The trick is
    solely to not overstate your accuracy. It is my belief that simply always
    including a message about the method used to acquire the data allows those
    who manipulate the data to make a determination as to the accuracy,
    regardless of the stated accuracy from the observer. Simple statements like
    "I used a stopwatch set to my computer clock", "I used the phone to get
    time", or "I recorded WWV time ticks on the audio track of the video". All
    of these carry an inherent level of accuracy to absolute time that those who
    generate elsets from the observations would know from experience.
    Respectively submitted for discussion..
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