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From: George Roberts (
Date: Thu Feb 10 2011 - 16:57:00 UTC

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    It is very common for satellites to flash.  There are many that flash.  The 
    slowness of movement implies it is probably a geosynch satellite (if the 
    telescope had a motor) or at a lower orbit if not.  Please supply more 
    details for us to identify the satellite:
    1) latitude and longitude within 10 miles
    2) date and Time in UT
    3) RA and Dec and approximate error (e.g. within 5 degrees, within 20 
    4) Was the telescope motorized?  If so is it possible that if the motor was 
    turned off the satellite wouldn't have moved but the stars would have?
    - George Roberts
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    From: Ulhas Deshpande
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    Cc: rahul zota
    Subject: Help to Identify my friends observation
    My Friend Rahul Zota ,an amateur observer and comet hunter, observed a 
    strange object,on the morning of 10 Feb.
    His report is as follows
    Today at 5:38am during comet hunting I saw an object which
    appeared like satellite in the eyepiece’s field of view. The object was
    blinking and was moving too slowly. It appeared in Scorpius-Ophiuchus border
    near the Rho Ophiuchi star and was moving toward the West.
    I made few notes of that object,,,
    1)      It
    was blinking
    2)      The
    duration of each blink was about 5 seconds
    3)      It
    was moving too slow that it took 2 minutes to cross the eyepiece field of 
    (1.2 degrees)
    4)      It’s
    magnitude was 7
    The above things are not matching with any satellite and it
    can be distinguished from the satellites by its appearance (blinking) and 
    slow motion……
    However, if anyone from this community knows about such
    object then please share…
    Rahul Zota
    KAAC, Bhuj-Gujarat, India
    Any help in identifing the object would be greatly appreciated
    Ulhas Deshpande
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