Well I learn something new about my mount

From: Kevin Fetter (kfetter@yahoo.com)
Date: Thu Feb 03 2011 - 23:02:06 UTC

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    Well that interesting to know.
    I was using some software, and my computer crashed and restarted this morning.
    Problem is because of the crash, I lost the alignment info.
    I was using the nexremote software to control the mount. 
    But I learned something, my mount still know's where it's pointed in terms of Alitude and Azimuth, and the nexremote program can get that info from the mount. So when it got dark, all I had to do, is see where a bright star is located, in terms of altitude and azimuth, and using the handcontroller, slew the mount to that area, and what do you know, there's the bright star.
    So as long as the mount doesn't lose power, it doesn't appear to lose the altitude and azimuth info.
    So can use that info to find a bright star, then just realign the mount, so that the R.A and Dec info is displayed
    Then I back in business for using the satellite tracking software again, are tell the mount to goto a area of sky in terms of R.A/Dec are to a named star.
    Maybe having the computer reboot was a good thing, otherwise I most likely wouldn't have found that out.
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