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From: Bart De Pontieu (
Date: Sat Feb 06 2010 - 04:49:02 UTC

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    On Feb 5, 2010, at 1:37 PM, Derek C Breit wrote:
    > On February 9th at no earlier than 10:30am EST, the Solar Dynamics
    > Observatory (SDO) will be launching aboard a United Launch Alliance Atlas V
    > rocket.
    > The goal of this mission is to give astronomers a closer look at the
    > sun and help us understand the source of the sun's energy so spaceweather
    > can better be predicted. SDO is different compared to other satellites in
    > that it will be collecting enough data to fill a single CD every thirty-six
    > SECONDS! Not only that, but SDO has no data recording system here on Earth
    > where its data will be stored, so it essentially has to build its own. In
    > order for this to happen, SDO will be placed in a geosynchronous orbit and
    > will remain constantly in orbit above its ground communication station in
    > New Mexico. 
    > Derek
    > PS.. I will want to see this one.. :-))
    Me too -- I've been involved in SDO since 2001 (when we wrote a proposal to NASA to
    build the Atmospheric Imaging Assembly at our lab  -- LMSAL). It's my understanding 
    that SDO launch will slip if the Shuttle launch slips. I'd love to see some pictures of the 
    satellite when it's up. Anyone up for the challenge?
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