Re: DCB Obs 2/20/09

From: Marco Langbroek (
Date: Sat Feb 21 2009 - 12:58:27 UTC

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    How small is the FOV? If it is not too small and Derek is able to provide an 8 
    bit .bmp I am willing to astrometrically reduce the image as I do with my 
    - Marco
    Greg Roberts schreef:
    > Hi Derek
    > I checked out your picture of the event and the time etc in GUIDE. I 
    > cant find any error in what you did. It looks like you measured the 
    > correct end of the trail and on elements dated 9047.831 UT I get the 
    > satellite running about 2.7 seconds late on those predictions.
    > For your time of 03h20m42.825s UT I measure the RA as 05h35m53.1s and 
    > Dec as -05d 12'34" - the RA is the same as yours but dec about 30 arc 
    > seconds out which is okay considering the image scale. I found it a 
    > little difficult to match the entire image to GUIDE - due to optical 
    > defects in the corrector lens I found the x and y  scales to be 
    > different - also I had to rotate the field a bit but even then could not 
    > get images to line up across the entire field by fiddling image scale 
    > and field rotation. I eventually blew your image up 200% and just 
    > concentrated on trying to line up the stars around the end of the trail. 
    > Incidentally your stars are getting down to about mag +12 to +13.
    > Lets see what Ted comes up with...
    > Cheers
    > Greg
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