Re: Mislabeled TLE?

From: Ralph McConahy (
Date: Fri Feb 20 2009 - 17:00:44 UTC

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    I wrote:
    >>Catalog #33598 has parameters similar to Cosmos 2251 debris, 
    >>and even has the International number of 93-036.
    >>However, it is labeled in SpaceTrack as "BREEZE M R/B".
    >>Did SpaceTrack mislabel 33598?  I'm guessing that they did, and 
    >>it should actually read "COSMOS 2251 DEB".
    Looks like they've already fixed it -- not the name, but the orbital parameters . . .
    33598 still has "BREEZE M R/B" but it's been changed to 09-007D and now has parameters that closely match EXPRESS AM-44 (33595, 09-007A) and EXPRESS MD (33596, 09-007B).
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