Re: Unusual NOSS Flare Observed and Recorded

From: Francisco Ocaña (
Date: Thu Feb 19 2009 - 05:33:06 UTC

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    Hello list,
    this is my first satellite report. It has been really exciting. Rafael 
    Ponce and me were observing at UCM Observatory ( ) waiting for the 
    Simone's predicted flare. I first saw them with the binos when they were 
    close to Eta and Zeta Aurigae, almost at the zenith. They were around 
    mag 4.
    Later they passed around 3º east from Betelguese. They were brigther, 
    around mag 3. And when arriving to Sirius they became considerably 
    brigther. At the maximum the first was around half magnitude dimmer. I 
    estimate both at -0,8 and -0,4 (between Sirius and Rigel).
    The two slowly moving satellites and Sirius were an amazing sight. I 
    enjoyed it a lot!
    Congratulations to Simone! Clear skies!
    Paco Ocaña
    Madrid, Spain
    PS: At Simone's website you can find a low-res video. If you need higher 
    resolution or individual frames, just write to me.
    > A predicted flare from the pair of NOSS satellites 3-4 (A) / (C) has been observed and recorded 
    > in Madrid yesterday evening. The flare reached the “maximum” magnitude of about -1. 
    > Details and video are available at the web site:
    > (link of the page with the video:  )
    > More observations would be useful.
    > Best Regards,
    > Simone 
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