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From: B Gimle @ComHem (@ComHem)
Date: Mon Feb 16 2009 - 14:06:43 UTC

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    I discovered another drawback of [SeeSat-L] identifier in subject line:
    When replying, this string is kept after Re:, so on return there is another
    copy of [SeeSat-L] prepended to the subject, and sorting on subject (or
    thread on would miss the initial post, and secondary replies
    (, as well as discussions on the same subject in other lists)
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    From: "Ted Molczan" <>
    To: <>
    Sent: Sunday, February 08, 2009 11:47 AM
    Subject: RE: List suggestion
    > Patrick, I rejected your request off-list, several days ago; text
    > appended.
    > Readers please note: UseSat-L exists for the purpose of discussing the
    > operation
    > and use of SeeSat-L. Anyone may subscribe by sending a message with the
    > word
    > subscribe as the subject, addressed to
    > Ted Molczan
    > Admin, SeeSat-L,
    > Thank you for your suggestion.
    > Despite their utility, I am not a fan of list identifiers on the subject
    > line.
    > Suggestion: if your mail client can set filters based on text in messages
    > headers, then you can use the string, "Resent-From:"
    > (without the quotes), which appears in all SeeSat-L message headers. Works
    > for
    > me in MS Outlook.
    > If your filter cannot use header information, then consider using
    > "", which appears at the
    > bottom of
    > the body of all SeeSat-L messages.
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