Re: Space debris puts Alberta officials on high alert

From: Alan Pickup (
Date: Sat Feb 14 2009 - 08:40:45 UTC

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    Eric Briggs writes
    >CBC news: "Rural Alberta dodged impact with Russian space debris, according
    >to the province's emergency officials. The North American Aerospace Defence
    >Command was tracking the debris, estimated to be about the size of a school
    >bus, after 10 a.m. local time on Friday. At first the debris was set to fall
    >in Calgary, but officials later determined it would strike near Kneehill or
    >Wheatland County, about 100 kilometers east of Calgary."
    >The article continues to say that the debris ended up in the Atlantic Ocean.
    This was not (or should not have been) connected with debris from the
    recent Iridium/Cosmos event. Rather, it was the decay of the Soyuz-U
    rocket that launched Progress M-66 on February 10. It appears that re-
    entry actually occurred while southbound to the west of Cape Town at
    18:16 UTC.
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