Re: Optical 12 Feb 2009

From: Greg Roberts (
Date: Fri Feb 13 2009 - 17:54:27 UTC

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    I like to cause confusion and in the process confuse myself. I said ESA object 
    UI144, (amateur 96144 )was the DELTA4DEMO second stage.   Of course I managed to 
    make a mistake - we dont know what 96144 is and the DELTA4DEMO 2nd stage is 
    UI147 ( amateur 96147). Wish these darn things would carry licence plates!!
    Mike pointed this out to me.....
    Also the part of my notes re the PROTON launch is a little confusing -  I wrote 
    "Where OBJECT B was supposed to be three satellites" should read "With OBJECT B 
    was supposed to be two satellites, namely OBJECT B and GSAT1, but instead I 
    found three ".
    Lets put all these senior moments down to the fact that I was /am very tired 
    today after all the observing hassles last night and my brain went to sleep a 
    long time ago!  I hope I have finally got it all correct!
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