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From: Leo Barhorst (
Date: Thu Feb 12 2009 - 23:11:02 UTC

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    Russell wrote:
    > It will be interesting to see if the resulting objects are catalogued as
    > 97-51+++ or 93-36+++ pieces.
    > Any ideas?
    97-51 is in an orbit with 86 degrees inclination and 93-36 in one with 74 
    So the debris can be linked to either one of the parent objects depending on 
    their inclination.
    Of course there will be pieces that got into orbits with a changed 
    inclination, but a change in
    inclination costs a lot of energy.
    The FengYun 1C and USDA 193 debris varies only a few degrees in inclination 
    to their parant objects inclinations. I assume they were hit in almost the 
    same orbital plane they were
    travelling in; as for Ir33 and C2155 the inclination differs by 12 degrees. 
    So likely debris will
    also be in orbits with a different inclination than the parent objects.
    Will have to wait and see what Space Track will publish. Could take a while 
    as it did with
    the first 99-25 debris.
    Greetings and clear skies,
    Leo Barhorst Almere The Netherlands
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