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From: Chris Jones (
Date: Thu Feb 12 2009 - 18:48:22 UTC

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    Thomas Ashcraft wrote:
    > I have a math question for anyone here:
    > The GOES satellites monitor X-rays from the Sun.  What would be the 
    > difference in time ( a matter of seconds?) between when solar x-rays hit 
    > the GOES sats and then hit the surface of the Earth?
    > I hope the question is clear and if not I will re-ask.
    I would say less than a matter of seconds.  GOES satellites are in a
    geostationary orbit (that's what the G in their name means), which is
    about 1/4 light-second from the earth's surface.  Solar X-rays, unlike
    some other particles ejected from the sun, travel at the speed of light.
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