Re: space collision

From: Russell Eberst (
Date: Thu Feb 12 2009 - 17:12:43 UTC

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    Leo Barhorst wrote:
    > As the FengYun 1C debris is mostly in a somewhat higher orbit than 770 
    > km there still is a highly risk that this debriscloud may collide with 
    > the newly debriscloud(s).
    > The count of fragments for FengYun 1C now stands at 2530 pieces 
    > according to the latest SpaceTrack cataloging - up to 1999-25 DJM.
    > This debris cloud has spread out along the entire orbital sphere. A 
    > lot of them have perigee much lower than 770 km.
    It will be interesting to see if the resulting objects are catalogued as 
    97-51+++ or 93-36+++ pieces.
    Any ideas?
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