SAFIR 2 (Omid r/b) Seen from Tulsa

From: Brad Young (
Date: Tue Feb 10 2009 - 02:30:36 UTC

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    Must've been too short a post last time, as it was bounced. It said:
    "Just saw Omid's SAFIR 2 r/b (33507, 9-4B) give 3 flashes to 4th mag even though it only climbed to 15 deg up right over brightly lit building in downtown Tulsa! 3 flashes seemed to be about 15s apart - will try to get a better period on a better pass. Helped that it was near Deneb."
    So I'll add a bit...
    I really like satellite observing.
    I use binoculars, but other methods are cool too.
    Clear skies help.
    The weather was poor tonight, with a full moon lighting cirrus.
    Thought I saw a flashing satellite, but I was wrong.
    Hope I see the Omid payload Wednesday night!
    And, seriously, my prayers are with our friends Down Under.
    COSPAR 8336 +36.1397, -95.9838, 201 m
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