Re: where can I get the equipment to do video observations?

From: Paul Pugh (
Date: Sun Feb 08 2009 - 20:46:55 UTC

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    Hi, as Kevin has already mentioned, the accurate version of the module he 
    owns has been discontinued but GPS versions are still available from the 
    supplier It is based upon a generic "On Screen 
    Display" chip - the MAX7456 - Google should point you towards some other 
    projects... e.g but 
    unless you have access to surface mount soldering equipment (or good eyes 
    and a steady hand), you'll need to either buy an "off the shelf" kit or a 
    MAX7456 that has already been mounted into a more easier to handle package. 
    It may also be worth googling some of the radio control model forums as 
    well, they seem to be doing a lot with similar technology... Hope this 
    Anyway, must get back to my observing.... the snow is very nice again 
    Paul Pugh
    Matlock, UK (53.1N 1.6W)
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    > Is anyone aware of a open source project for a GPS based video timestamp
    > device?
    > Thanks
    > Scott
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