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From: Patrick Wiggins (
Date: Sun Feb 08 2009 - 11:23:12 UTC

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    I'm sorry Ted (public apology here),
    I didn't see your off-list message when it first arrived.  After  
    receiving your message this morning I went back and found it.
    I don't know how I missed it.  Had I realized you'd nixed the idea off  
    list I would not have suggested it on list.
    On 08 Feb 2009, at 03:47, Ted Molczan wrote:
    > Patrick, I rejected your request off-list, several days ago; text  
    > appended.
    > Readers please note: UseSat-L exists for the purpose of discussing  
    > the operation
    > and use of SeeSat-L. Anyone may subscribe by sending a message with  
    > the word
    > subscribe as the subject, addressed to
    > Ted Molczan
    > Admin, SeeSat-L,
    > Thank you for your suggestion.
    > Despite their utility, I am not a fan of list identifiers on the  
    > subject line.
    > Suggestion: if your mail client can set filters based on text in  
    > messages
    > headers, then you can use the string, "Resent-From: 
    > "
    > (without the quotes), which appears in all SeeSat-L message headers.  
    > Works for
    > me in MS Outlook.
    > If your filter cannot use header information, then consider using
    > "", which appears at  
    > the bottom of
    > the body of all SeeSat-L messages.
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