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Date: Sun Feb 08 2009 - 09:55:11 UTC

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     Just re reading your post Adam , while I admire your
     attention to detail and can understand why you want precise
     TLEs , I think your approach to imaging ISS this way may be
     over complicating things.
     As you are imaging in the night sky then obviously you can
     see the target (ISS ) or indeed any visible sat.
     The key to imaging these fast moving satellites is to
     ensure that your viewfinder is precisely calibrated to the
     OTA . Then avoid the temptation to chase the object but
     instead set the cross hairs ahead of the satellite ,
     manually ( Both axiis free to move )and wait for the
     satellite to trickle through the centre of the
     crosshairs.Then move on and repeat the procedure across the
     This will have exactly the same effect , but give you far
     more chances of catching the three frame sequence.
     This proves a satisfactory technique even when imaging with
     a much smaller FOV than 8x6
     To demonsttrate this I have created a new page on my site .
     On the far right of the menu bar is the "ISS in
     daylight" tab , click that to see a larger video of a
     daylight capture.It shows the three/four image sequence you
     are attempting to grab.
     In daylight we have no option but to preset the telescope
     as we cannot see the target approaching....or indeed at
     all.But in darkmess , bearing in mind we few enough good
     imaging  passes of the station it would be a shame to limit
     your imaging session to just three frames.
     Hope this helps
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