Re: So I am not a real observer, oh well.

From: Greg Roberts (
Date: Fri Feb 06 2009 - 11:59:38 UTC

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    Shame Kevin :-))
    -- then Scott ,Peter and I must also not be of much value because we dont use 
    binoculars or stopwatches. In the hands of a capable observer we know that 
    binocular observations are of great value but it will take a GREAT deal to 
    convince me that video observing  is not superior - gps vs stopwatch, video 
    record against what the eye has to register the moment you press the stopwatch, 
    and how about checking observations after the event - nope binoculars and 
    stopwatch cant compare :-)))
    What binoculars will show 12th magnitude stars in real time that one see's in 
    the video display when one has a bright city-lit sky to work with ? Another 
    thing for old crocks like me is no stiff neck from having to look upwards and 
    holding binoculars AND a stopwatch with watering eyes - instead I sit on my 
    broad bum and relax with a cup of coffee in one hand and watch the monitor and 
    Im also warm if its cold..... I wouldnt observe with binoculars if I was paid to 
    If I were younger it would even be possible to have a blonde or brunette on one 
    knee and still be able to track :-))-provided I lock the door of my "tracking 
    room" so my wife doesnt catch me not giving full attention to the monitors!
    Then there is the amount of preparation one has to do before observing - takes 
    me 5 minutes to prepare for an evenings observing as I can take a position 
    anywhere along a satellite track provided I have two or three stars to show me 
    where in the sky I am- no need to worry about occultations, apulses, passing 
    between two stars or some recognizable star pattern etc.
    I tried binoculars/telescope/stop watch for probably something like 42 years and 
    considered myself a lousy observer.
    Maybe Im a bit better now.
    Okay the above was meant in fun so I hope no-one takes offence.
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