CLASSFD that needs observing Re: Hook Line and Sinker

From: B Gimle @ComHem (@ComHem)
Date: Fri Feb 06 2009 - 07:18:33 UTC

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    > I should have been a bit more long winded in my explanation of how to
    > select what to observe. After you have combined the CLASSFD.TLE,
    > INTTLE.TLE and INT96.TLE files have a look at the high objects in
    > CLASSFD.TLE to see when they were last observed. Since the INTTLE and
    > INT96 files have all been propagated to about the same day ( so not
    > usually a day or two old-depending on when you downloaded the files) you
    > cant use the INT files to determine what needs observing,so hence the use
    > of CLASSFD.TLE to get the date from the epoch of the
    I run classfd.tle (sometimes also SpaceTracks catalog_3l*.txt)
    through the TLEage.exe program I wrote.
    It identifies the targets by adding the predicted uncertainty, which is more
    relevant than age,at any date to the name line (and the international ID) .
    A file with only the CatNos with uncertainty above a threshold is also
    To this file additional numbers, and numbers for objects including
    given name strings, can be added as well as ignored.
    This file is used to extract (with my applysel.exe or Mike's xf9.exe)
    all those elsets from the combined file.
    The uncertainty also allows you to identify -or exclude- objects with
    too high uncertainty that need special search techniques.
    I also use it on the SpaceTrack elsets to find decaying objects that
    are not recently tracked, and otherwise stale elsets.
    > If I were a morning observer I would start in the west and work eastwards.
    That seems awfully difficult in approaching dawn, with
    the Sun rising in the E ;-)
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