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From: Derek C Breit (
Date: Fri Feb 06 2009 - 06:47:57 UTC

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    I should have been a bit more long winded in my explanation of how to select
    what to observe. After you have combined the CLASSFD.TLE, INTTLE.TLE and 
    INT96.TLE files have a look at the high objects in CLASSFD.TLE to see when
    were last observed. Since the INTTLE and INT96 files have all been
    propagated to 
    about the same day ( so not usually a day or two old-depending on when you 
    downloaded the files) you cant use the INT files to determine what needs 
    observing,so hence the use of CLASSFD.TLE to get the date from the epoch of
    element set. Hope thats not too confusing.
    Yep.. I figured this out after initial confusion.. 
    Once I figured this out, I have LOTS to observe...
    Fortunately, phase angle doesn't bother me much, as I can go to mag 16 +..
    It just takes more work..
    The shorter days of Summer bother me more, so I will see what I can do close
    to the Sun now, before it gets worse...
    I will know much more after I first find one between Venus and the Horizon..
    Until I learn different, I will be working from the horizon to the
    Meridian.. Sure wish they were all lined up a -5m 51s declination like they
    are in the Eastern sky.. :-)
    I am going to have to request another change to Heavensat though to make my
    life far simpler.. I will get around to that tomorrow..
    Yup!.. I am good for now.. I think..
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