RE: "How Amateur Sleuths Spot Satellites" and a Special THANKS!

From: Derek C Breit (
Date: Thu Feb 05 2009 - 03:51:25 UTC

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     This article does mean I need to more formally do something..
     I need to thank someone who spent about a week a month or so ago, and a few
    MBs of typing emails and responding to my beginner questions, teaching me
    how to accurately work Classified GEOs and the purpose of the INT
     I have, once again, tons of free time and, after three days of forthcoming
    rain, I will start observing these objects in earnest.
     That someone is Greg Roberts. Thanks! Your time and patience are most
     And soon we will see what good I can do from the West Coast..
     Derek Breit
     BREIT IDEAS Obs - Morgan Hill, CA
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