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From: Tony Beresford (
Date: Tue Feb 03 2009 - 08:14:32 UTC

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    At 04:42 AM 2/02/2009, Darwin Teague wrote:
    >How do you get Quicksat to give predictions for 24 hours per day?
    >  I tried "R" for 'Radio' in output line, T for 'gnore shadow 
    > test'  and different
    >values in start/end times. I confess that that line didn't make any sense
    >to me in the DOC.
    here is a quicksat control file that shows all passes of the Metop-A 
    European weather satellite
    for me location, reporting in UT rather than local time
    Tony Beresford
      2009 2   Year, month number
    3 6 Start date, end date
    0.0  23.999 A      Start time, end time, Absolute flag
       -34.9638 -138.6333      330.    8597
      0.0 UT  24 correction and time zone name for UT to CDT
      2000 Epoch of predicted RA, Dec
      20.0 Magnitude limit
      10. Altitude cut-off value
      0.3 The search/step parameter value
      F  Do not store elements in memory
      F True means accept only the most recent elements for each object
      T True means ignore shadow test
      T  40 True means generate multiple prediction points, how many each way
      F True means output distance values in miles
      T True means generate a blank line before each object's prediction.
    QUICKSAT.MAG Intrinsic magnitudes input file
    radio.pre   Output file
    metop.tle    Elements input file
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