Ted's map in AW&ST

From: Chris Jones (clj@panix.com)
Date: Wed Feb 27 2008 - 04:23:17 UTC

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    I just received my print copy of Aviation Week (dated February 25), and on
    page 31 is a familiar map showing the path of USA-193 over the
    restricted zone, with credit for the map given to Ted Mulczan (must be a 
    USA/Canada spelling difference, huh?).  I looked at the online site, and it 
    looks like they may have corrected the spelling (I say may because when I 
    magnify it to look closely, I can't tell if the second letter of Ted's last 
    name is given as o or a (it actually looks more like the latter to me, but 
    I'm willing to believe it's a resolution issue).
    Sic transit gloria and all that!
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