Possible HST flare

From: Robert Holdsworth (robbonz1@xtra.co.nz)
Date: Mon Feb 25 2008 - 17:49:34 UTC

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    Low in the northeast a dawning sky I observed what appears to be the HST 
    peaking at a brightness that was visible without binoculars.
    Predicted magnitude at culmination was only 4th magnitude but the object 
    peaked at about first magnitude.   I did not look at my watch immediately so 
    timing is not accurate, and no reference stars were available but it was 
    around 16:58:50 UTC, about two minutes after predicted culmination.
    The sighting does not correspond to any other predicted object: Okean O was 
    around at the time but was on a different track.
    This was a pleasing sighting as the HST is not an easy object here,  in view 
    of its inclination it can only be seen low in the north.
    Robert Holdsworth
    New Zealand
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