Unknown seen while watching HST

From: John A. Dormer 2 (jad@texas.net)
Date: Sun Feb 24 2008 - 04:12:21 UTC

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    I apologize in advance for the horrid time precision on the unknown I'm
    I saw a vehicle moving 150 a few degrees to the west of Sirius at
    01:54:40 +-10s. It flared brightly a few seconds before, and had crossed
    the HST's path. It gradually dimmed and went into shadow about 20s
    later, just as the HST was nearing Tabit (in Orion, Ori Pi3-1). Its
    angular velocity was a little lower than HST's, indicating a higher
    orbit. It's probably a very high inclination, certainly above 80.
    I'm using Mike McCants' elements file as well as data from Heaven's
    Above, and there is no matching vehicle. I've used ObsReduce to try to
    narrow down the possibilities, but none of the elements I have match. I
    used xephem to see if anything showed up, since it will plot anything it
    can get its hands on, but it was no help in this case.
    FWIW, the HST was within a fraction of a second of the appulse with
    Meissa (Ori Lambda-39A). I recorded it at 01:56:22.48 24 Feb 2008 UTC.
    20580 90 037B   8330 G 20080224015622480 17 25 0539742-202011 68 S+020 10
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    COSPAR 8330 30d8m42.6sN 97d52m43.8sW/30.145167 -97.878833 220m WGS84
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