USA160 Flare

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Date: Sun Feb 24 2008 - 04:09:45 UTC

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    This evening while leaving my house I made a glance up to the northwest
    sky and noticed a bright pair of objects.  They were located a couple
    degrees south of gamma UMa.  The brighter object was the one at a higher
    elevation and I would estimate its brightness as magnitude 0 or -1. The
    other object was about magnitude 1 or 0 in brightness.  From their
    motion I could tell these two objects were in a high orbit.  Even my
    wife remarked "What's that?" noting that the Big Dipper had "extra
    stars".  I immediately noted the time to be 7:41PM EST and noticed that
    the flare had already reached maximum and the brightness of the objects
    was decreasing.  Within 30 seconds the two objects had faded out of
    view.  Later when we got home I used Guide 8 to find that the objects
    were #26905 and #26907 the USA160 pair.  Hopefully I can follow these
    two objects on a future pass observe the full flare from beginning to
    Steve Seitz
    White Barn Observatory
    40.1525 N   84.4615 W   299 m
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