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    <Quote> contacted a number of astronomical observatories but none reported 
    attempting to observe the satellite last night, nor did they have plans for 
    future observations of the debris.
    "We didn't observe the satellite destruction last night," said a 
    spokesperson from the W. M. Keck Observatory in Mauna Kea, Hawaii, who 
    declined to be named. "Our telescope cannot track something moving that 
    fast. To track an object moving that fast you need a much more nimble 
    Well as someone who has tracked and imaged 193 through a scope I would 
    certainly agree with the nimble bit.... seem to recall a number of us  using 
    the term "fast and furious" at the time !
    It does seem strange though that despite the many thousands of cameras 
    pointing to the sky across Canada during the height of the  eclipse period , 
    no one caught the debris field.......I suppose it was a case of "Look behind 
    you !"
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