USA193 debris? observation

From: Dale Ireland (
Date: Thu Feb 21 2008 - 15:39:34 UTC

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    We went to a spot with a clear eastern horizon for the Total Lunar eclipse
    and a view to the west only through breaks in the trees. We heard on the
    news an hour before the "shootdown" that is was postponed due to rough seas.
    We still decided to take a break in eclipse photos to catch USA193 scheduled
    to pass due west at just 10 degrees above the horizon 10 minutes after the
    impact and enter the earth's shadow there. I am at 123W 47.7N.
    We saw ONE object at the correct time 0338UT and elevation, about 4 or 5
    magnitude moving through breaks in the trees and disappearing as predicated.
    So we were satisfied we had spotted it and immediately went back to eclipse
    photos. I didn't see any trails or other objects but we weren't looking for
    any after we spotted one object. There must have been one brighter piece.
    This would have been only 3 minutes before it went over Prince George.
    I did get a nice eclipse image :)
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