Re: 193 debris photos(?)

From: Patrick Wiggins (
Date: Thu Feb 21 2008 - 09:40:34 UTC

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    On 21 Feb 2008, at 02:14, B Gimle @ComHem wrote:
    > And the time is given as 9:28 pm MST - are the dots stars?
    He said the debris field picture was taken when the Sun was still up.
    I've taken a lot of astrophotos and I don't think even the brightest  
    stars would register in so short an exposure (1/500 second) with so  
    small a telescope.  And I counted well over a dozen "objects" in the  
    picture, all of which he said were moving.
    Still, the reason I asked him if I could mention them here SeeSat was  
    to get some informed comments on what they might be.
    I just noticed that he posted a few more pictures to the Gallery  
    showing the equipment he used with the Air Force's AMOS 3.67m scope  
    in the background that appears to have also been looking in the same  
    direction.  Gee, I wonder what they were looking at?  ;)
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