Re: CNN reports more than 80 fragments from 193

From: Robert Holdsworth (
Date: Thu Feb 21 2008 - 07:43:03 UTC

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    In the normal course of events using the latest elset we would have had a 
    pass at around 0643 Friday local (1743 on 21st UTC) - close to sunrise - and 
    an overhead daylight pass at around 1430 local (0130 UTC.)
    There also would have been an overhead pass on Saturday morning our time.
    So if there is any possibility of remaining fragments (and I would be 
    interested in any further discussion on that point) it may pay to be on the 
    alert in this country, though owing to the likely brightness of the sky 
    observation may not be possible unless something actually comes down here.
    New Zealand
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    > CNN is reporting that 193 has broken up into more than 80 fragments...not 
    > quite sure how they arrive at that figure , but if so , then someone , 
    > somewhere  may get quite a light show in the next 24 hours
    > John
    > 0500 GMT
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