USA 193 from New Brunswick

From: Stephen E Bolton (
Date: Tue Feb 19 2008 - 23:34:56 UTC

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    I just watched a pass of USA 193 from the Canadian east coast (New
    Brunswick). I made no attempt to time it as the sky was 75% overcast but it
    was within a minute of predicted time and on Heaven's Above predicted path.
    It was moving briskly and a reddish color - max magnitude at least -1.
    As it faded behind some cirrus cloud I switched to binoculars and just for
    1-2 seconds I though I saw a fainter object traveling near USA 193.
    That was just a reflection in the optics - right?
    Tomorrow night I have a 23:10 33 degree pass in the NW with a good weather
    forecast if it clears in late afternoon as predicted. I believe the attempt
    to shot it is about 3:30 UT? Being about 1/3 of a rev east and on the
    reentry path I will be out there looking and with a camera set up. That's
    right about mid eclipse as well.
    Could I impose on perhaps Ted to shoot me an email tomorrow with updated
    And by the way - congrats to Ted for a very nice article in today's Globe
    and Mail (Toronto's national newspaper) - did they call you nerdy? 
    Steve Bolton
    Lat 45.3 N
    Long 65.96 W
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