RE: USA 193 NOTAM released?

From: Walter Ridgewell (
Date: Tue Feb 19 2008 - 05:45:01 UTC

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    I hope so Rob, the weather forecast for here is clear with temps of -13C
    (not bad viewing weather).
    There is an almost overhead pass (85 deg.) @ 02:08 UTC for my location on
    the orbit before the anticipated intercept that has good illumination
    (Nautical twilight).
    After the possible intercept, the next orbit passes north of me and the
    highest elevation is 15 deg. 
    With luck perhaps I can see and record/report something, I was planning to
    take some photos of the lunar eclipse that evening.
    Walter Ridgewell,
    Medicine Hat, Alberta
    50.0208 N
    110.6250 W
    >  Walter,
    > Will you be able to get a visual on the 20th?
    > Rob McLean
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