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Date: Mon Feb 18 2008 - 20:04:17 UTC

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    Kevin Fetter wrote:
    | As someone who's been using gps for over 10 years, I agree with the
    statement that the displayed
    | time on handheld gps units could be off by up to half a second, are
    even more.
    I have observed the same behavior by comparing the WWV voice against one
    of my receivers, a Garmin GPS III+. It was usually within a half second,
    which I attributed to propagation delay, but over time I noticed that it
    would vary some.
    Since then I have resurrected an old Odetics GPStar time and frequency
    standard. I'm working to integrate it into my computer system so I can
    push time via NTP to my laptop and other devices. Because it was made
    before GPS Week 1024, it reports time 1024 weeks in the past. But, it's
    still quite accurate, and matches WWV with less remainder than I can
    easily measure.
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