Re: Observing USA 193 - timing

From: Tony Beresford (
Date: Mon Feb 18 2008 - 04:52:24 UTC

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    At 02:21 PM 17/02/2008, Gordon Prichard wrote:
    >Reception from the Hawiian and North American stations is very poor in
    >Australia and New Zealand. Does anyone know of  closer or more powerful
    >       Gordon
    there aren't any suitable. When VNG became unusable here in Adelaide, 
    I switched back
    to using the talking clock(1194). However several years ago Telstra 
    contracted out that service and
    its not reliable to the .2 second level required for satellite 
    tracking, or for occultation
    or Seismometer timing.
    I currently synch my computer to the atomic clocks in Australia and 
    NZ  using the software package synch-it,
    There are a  several other free packages around. One other is called 
    dimension 4.
    I just stop my stopwatch on the minute as shown on the Synchit 
    display. When I was using
    Windows 98SE I had to manuallly resynch it because the it lost time. However
    windows XP doesn't have that problem.
    I will take this opportunity to ask the analysts on this
    list if my timing errors have increased in the last 2 years because 
    of my use of this
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