GeoFlare predictions

From: Björn Gimle @GlocalNet (@GlocalNet)
Date: Fri Feb 15 2008 - 18:01:34 UTC

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    Observations indicate that many satellites flare up to ten degrees east or 
    west of optimum position.
    Likewise, they may flare at different declinations (inclined orbits but 
    still operational)
    and before or after the optimum date.
    My Excel spreadsheet gives a good view of the conditions,
    and should be OK for many years ahead (and past).
    Enter your lat/long and propose a date/time in the yellow fields.
    C and D columns in the green field give RA/Dec of shadow limit.
    The entire green field can be pasted into SkyMap's DEEPSKY.TXT file
    for a graphic view in relation to predicted geosat tracks.
    If you are not a SkyMap user, you can plot the C-D as an X-Y plot
    with your spreadsheet or graphic program.
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    > The sun is at the same declination, as the geo belt for his location, 
    > around March 5.
    > You have a few days around that day, to see them. Not sure how many.
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