Re: The ISS train

From: Robert Holdsworth (
Date: Fri Feb 08 2008 - 19:25:05 UTC

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    The R/B decayed earlier than the pass I was referring to.
    There was however some chance of it decaying over our Central North Island 
    early this morning on a shadow pass, the indications are it did not as there 
    has been nothing on the news.  The Spacetrack report indicates a rather 
    close call in terms of timing but less likely in terms of location.   It was 
    quite cloudy here so visible checks were inconclusive and in view of it 
    being in shadow it would have had to be in the actual throes of decay before 
    I would have any chance of seeing anything.
    Weather is  looking doubtful for any further ISS, Progress or STS passes (or 
    any others for that matter!)
    > The R/B is close to decay, could be Saturday morning our time (Friday UTC) 
    > and we have one daylight pass that could be close to the time of decay.
    > To add to all this if the shuttle is launched on schedule the docking will 
    > occur as it approaches New Zealand around dawn, but the sky may be too 
    > bright for us to see it.  It passes over some parts of Australia so things 
    > may be better for them.
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