Re: Earth Shadow at Geosync Orbit

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Date: Wed Feb 28 2007 - 14:05:07 EST

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    You can use SkyMap (or some other program with accurate shadow
    computations) to show these points for any time/place.
    If you know the satellites nearby at the time, predict them.
    If you want to use a file of "all" - or "all" geosynch -
    the output from a text based program like HighFly becomes unwieldly,
    and for SkyMap you should either set the max perigee to 38000 km
    and/or range to whatever the operational sats have near the desired
    time/place (e.g. 37100-37500 km around 08:00 UTC),
    and a short time frame (e.g. 00:30)
    I'll send Jeff an example or two, and if still wanted I can do more/all.
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    >     Could someone provide to me the Earth's two
    > shadow edge points at the Clarke Orbit for Feb 27 at
    > 4:00UT, 6:40UT, and 8:00 UT in RA and Dec? This is for
    > +33.069N and -96.768W. And if I could be so pushy,
    > could I also have those 12 numbers for tonight, Feb 28
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