Re: More FengYun 1C debris

From: Ralph McConahy (
Date: Sun Feb 25 2007 - 06:01:09 EST

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    Okay, now I got it.
    My count (based on a program I wrote to count every occurrence of "99025" in the proper field of each Line 1) was 817. Leo's count, based on all the letter combos from E thru APH, was 916. The difference is 99.
    I noted the gap of 20 where it seems AGR thru AHN goes.
    But I didn't see that there is also a larger gap of 79 missing from AHY thru AME, inclusive. These must fit from 30510 thru 30599 (which is more than 79 catalog numbers, but sufficent to fit the missing 79). 
    My statement about the number cataloged being 817 (including the decayed 'E' object) is, however, true from an online user's standpoint until SpaceTrack updates their database since that's all the TLEs I can get for 99-025 right now (not counting objects A-D).
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